Umagang Kay Ganda !

I’ve been hosting the morning show since 2004 in ABSCBN.  It was so difficult at first to wake up early in the morning.   Who wakes up 3 AM anyway?!

After a decade, I’ve gotten used to it. The formula: sleep early= wake up early !  It helps that I love my work, its very dynamic and I learn a lot. The people that I work with are very easy to get along with. Thank God for that!  You wouldn’t want to wake up on the wrong side of the bed everyday!

It’s a great family. The goings on in UKG will be a big part of this blog.  You will understand why I love being in the morning show–

Love, B.

Say Hello to our new News set.

Serious with work , but not taking ourselves seriously


2 thoughts on “Umagang Kay Ganda !

  1. Hello ate dette! First of all i just want to say Congratulation to You for your blog. I know that this is one of your greatest dream to share your thoughts and inspired everyone. Ate thank you because in your own simple way how to share your inspiring words, you help us to continue to soar and live a happy and blessed life. Keep up the good work ate. YOU ARE A BLESSINGS TO EVERYBODY. Godbless you ate!


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