How to get weatherman Alvin Pura’s ABS

Alvin Pura was  set to leave the UKG studio to ride his bike, while the rest of us – Tito Ariel, Tunying, Jorge, Alvin and myself were winding up as well.   Tito Ariel Ureta intercepted Alvin, ” Alvin , How do you get body like that?” . Tunying to Jorge: “Jorge, how do you get tummy as round as that?, he said in Filipino.  Jorge quipped, “This is the type of body that airport porters would approach” He joked that a beer belly is a status symbol.

But seriously, I asked Alvin (Pura, not Alvin Elchico ) that too on his first day. What keeps him fit?  He replied, he was just “kiti-kiti”.
He bikes, he surfs, he does mountain climbing, regularly.

I have to agree with Alvin. We just have to keep on moving.  Whenever I see men out on field– the fisherfolk and the farmers… and construction workers, they have defined bodies , but they do not go to they gym to lift weights, and I doubt if they do crunches, but they have definition… They are simply constantly at work, they use their bodies!  I don’t mean we should carry a bag of cement or be a mason.

How about taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk a few blocks instead of taking a tricycle.

Ironically, the more comfortable we are, the less healthy we become.

Will write about my favorite workouts in my succeeding blogs.  My trainer is waiting.  🙂  Our UKG men, with the fit Alvin Pura. 


“Mayor Duterte, are you not scared of going to hell? “

Davao City  Mayor Rodrigo Duterte joined us for breakfast last week for Umagang Kay Ganda. We listened intently to his stories about how certain actions are deemed necessary to solve criminality– (give criminals a taste of their own medicine.)

He denied that he has plans of running for the presidency because even the president can’t change the system.   “If I become president,  the moment I step down from office, I would have a warrant of arrest waiting for me “.

All throughout our conversation, Mayor Duterte was very charismatic and candid even about his colorful personal life. No wonder the Davaoenos love him.

‘Mayor, can I ask you something? And I don’t want to sound moralistic. ”

“Yes, you may ask me anything .” he replied with a smile.

“Are you not afraid of going to hell”

“I want to go to hell, so I can continue killing them in hell. I want to meet Satan so I can cut off his horns “

Morning Gimmick along Maginhawa Street at Teacher’s Village QC

We don’t have a night life… but we can have a taste of it.

The UKG gang went to Maginhawa Streat Food Park inTeacher’s Village.  Normally, they’re open from 5 pm til 2 am, but we’re lucky because they stayed open for us after their feature in Umagang Kay Ganda.

Anthony, Senyor Ariel, Alvin and I rushed to the location of Amy for our breakfast gimmick.

I was planning to just have coffee but I couldn’t help myself trying everything. Yes, I do have a big appetite– for food and for trying something new.

Magpie’s brewed coffee was good. I take mine black nowadays (trying to have less sugar in my diet ). It was a good idea because I could really taste the coffee from Benguet.   I love coffee from highlands.


I wish I could try everything!  Here’s a hole-in the-wall Turkish Restaurant. It tasted authentic.  No wonder– they really use lamb, or mix it with their dishes.  Not bad for P90.

 I Love exploring new places– randomly.  And it was nice to go out with UKG Family.   🙂 Wish we could this more often.


The Jumping B — told you i have so much energy!

Umagang Kay Ganda !

I’ve been hosting the morning show since 2004 in ABSCBN.  It was so difficult at first to wake up early in the morning.   Who wakes up 3 AM anyway?!

After a decade, I’ve gotten used to it. The formula: sleep early= wake up early !  It helps that I love my work, its very dynamic and I learn a lot. The people that I work with are very easy to get along with. Thank God for that!  You wouldn’t want to wake up on the wrong side of the bed everyday!

It’s a great family. The goings on in UKG will be a big part of this blog.  You will understand why I love being in the morning show–

Love, B.

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