“Mayor Duterte, are you not scared of going to hell? “

Davao City  Mayor Rodrigo Duterte joined us for breakfast last week for Umagang Kay Ganda. We listened intently to his stories about how certain actions are deemed necessary to solve criminality– (give criminals a taste of their own medicine.)

He denied that he has plans of running for the presidency because even the president can’t change the system.   “If I become president,  the moment I step down from office, I would have a warrant of arrest waiting for me “.

All throughout our conversation, Mayor Duterte was very charismatic and candid even about his colorful personal life. No wonder the Davaoenos love him.

‘Mayor, can I ask you something? And I don’t want to sound moralistic. ”

“Yes, you may ask me anything .” he replied with a smile.

“Are you not afraid of going to hell”

“I want to go to hell, so I can continue killing them in hell. I want to meet Satan so I can cut off his horns “