Morning Gimmick along Maginhawa Street at Teacher’s Village QC

We don’t have a night life… but we can have a taste of it.

The UKG gang went to Maginhawa Streat Food Park inTeacher’s Village.  Normally, they’re open from 5 pm til 2 am, but we’re lucky because they stayed open for us after their feature in Umagang Kay Ganda.

Anthony, Senyor Ariel, Alvin and I rushed to the location of Amy for our breakfast gimmick.

I was planning to just have coffee but I couldn’t help myself trying everything. Yes, I do have a big appetite– for food and for trying something new.

Magpie’s brewed coffee was good. I take mine black nowadays (trying to have less sugar in my diet ). It was a good idea because I could really taste the coffee from Benguet.   I love coffee from highlands.


I wish I could try everything!  Here’s a hole-in the-wall Turkish Restaurant. It tasted authentic.  No wonder– they really use lamb, or mix it with their dishes.  Not bad for P90.

 I Love exploring new places– randomly.  And it was nice to go out with UKG Family.   🙂 Wish we could this more often.


The Jumping B — told you i have so much energy!