How to get weatherman Alvin Pura’s ABS

Alvin Pura was  set to leave the UKG studio to ride his bike, while the rest of us – Tito Ariel, Tunying, Jorge, Alvin and myself were winding up as well.   Tito Ariel Ureta intercepted Alvin, ” Alvin , How do you get body like that?” . Tunying to Jorge: “Jorge, how do you get tummy as round as that?, he said in Filipino.  Jorge quipped, “This is the type of body that airport porters would approach” He joked that a beer belly is a status symbol.

But seriously, I asked Alvin (Pura, not Alvin Elchico ) that too on his first day. What keeps him fit?  He replied, he was just “kiti-kiti”.
He bikes, he surfs, he does mountain climbing, regularly.

I have to agree with Alvin. We just have to keep on moving.  Whenever I see men out on field– the fisherfolk and the farmers… and construction workers, they have defined bodies , but they do not go to they gym to lift weights, and I doubt if they do crunches, but they have definition… They are simply constantly at work, they use their bodies!  I don’t mean we should carry a bag of cement or be a mason.

How about taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk a few blocks instead of taking a tricycle.

Ironically, the more comfortable we are, the less healthy we become.

Will write about my favorite workouts in my succeeding blogs.  My trainer is waiting.  🙂  Our UKG men, with the fit Alvin Pura.